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Good Hope Family Dental

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Business Status Operational
Neighborhood Southeast Washington
Address  2837 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, CO 20020, United States
Plus Code  87C5V25M+F5
Global +Code V25M+F5 Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Phone (202) 581-7600
Accessibility Wheelchair-accessible entrance
Planning Appointments recommended

What visitors are saying

profile image Wonderful staff and atmosphere, absolutely recommend!
profile image I’m literally still waiting over 20 mins to get finished!
profile image Great staff, clean work space.
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Dona Brawner

2 years ago

Excellent WITH PATIENCE Care...worth the wait!

Boss Queen

2 years ago

I went there fifteen minutes early for my appointment. From 11:15 to 2pm, all I did was get a cleaning, the doctor never saw me. I had to leave, so they said come back the next day. They haven't been open since. And the voice mail is full:( I don't like it already.

Nicole Clarkbrady

2 years ago

I really feel like these reviews are made up! I’m confused all the way around! Where’s the dentists or is it 1? How is this one lady starting rooms and not finishing them? I’m literally still waiting over 20 mins to get finished!

Eva 1019

2 years ago

The dentist was clean, courteous and very professional. She made you feel comfortable at a scary time.

Lillian Taylor

3 years ago

Wonderful staff and atmosphere, absolutely recommend!

Victoria Williams

3 years ago

Been here since I was young

ShaQuita Gabriel

3 years ago

I like the staff and the lady dentist is very good.

Miss B Miss B

4 years ago

Very staff..

Neva Faulkner

4 years ago

The only dentist I trust in the city!

Caroline Williams

5 years ago

Great dentist but rough sometimes they very nice and friendly

Beauty J

6 years ago

I had an root canal done yesterday, they did an great job. They informed me step by step. Great staff, clean work space. I would recommend this dentist office, that was my first visit and it won't be my last.